Girls! Girls! Girls!

Girls!Girls!Girls! is a short 6 film anthology all written, directed, shot, edited and produced by women. In 2011, a small grant of money was given to make the 6 films; the only requirement being that all film crew positions were filled by women and the filmmakers told a story of what feminine strength means to them. Mentoring was a key factor in the production of these films, with each member of the film crew partnered up and helping one another. The inclusion didn’t stop there. The Big Sisters of America–‚Bigs‘ and ‚Littles‘ interested in the film industry were invited on set to experience these women succeeding together first-hand. See the Girls!Girls!Girls! trailer here:

Positive responses to the film led to the start of a non-profit with a mission to give women the opportunity to work together in the film industry. For more information go to ‪#‎WomanDirectorWednesday‬ ‪#‎WomenCallAction‬ ‪#‎WomenInFilm‬

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